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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

1. Technical information:

browser, ip address, date and time of visiting the site pages

2. Cookie:

are used for authorization on the site, as well as for online statistics systems.

You can block Cookies in the browser settings, but authorization on the site will not be possible.

3. Personal information.

When registering, we request and store the name and e-mail. When registering a lawyer, additional information about education and additional contact details are requested.

When registering a lawyer, additional information about education and additional contact details are requested. A prerequisite for using the mobile application is a technical possibility the mobile application to perform geolocation (geographical location), as well as application access to geolocation. The Administration is not responsible for the compatibility of the Application and the Users mobile device. The geocoordinates received from the lawyer are used to display the list of lawyers to the users of the application, nearby, without disclosing the exact location of these lawyers.

4. Information posted by the user.

Contact and other information posted in the profile is available to an unlimited number of people and is intended for the convenience of communication with the user.

Use of information?

Anonymous data

We use data from analytics systems to improve the quality of the services offered, but we do not associate this data with specific users and do not provide user data to third parties.

Personal data

We use personal data to interact with you, but do not disclose it to third parties.

Age restrictions

The service is intended for use by persons aged 18 and older.

Deleting an account in the LSN app and on the LSN website

To delete your account, write a private message to the administrator or use the "delete account" function in the application (not available on all platforms)

The account is deleted within 1 business day after receiving the request.

When deleting an account, the user's profile and contact information are deleted. Questions and posts posted by the user are saved in an impersonal form.

It will not be possible to re-create an account with the same credentials.

Use of site materials

Copying of LSN site materials is allowed only with the permission of the site administration.

Each copied material must be accompanied by a direct link to the source and a correct indication of the author of the material.

Any commercial use of materials and publications in printed publications is allowed only with the written consent of the LSN administration

When the User performs registration actions on the site, it means that the User agrees to this Agreement. If the User does not agree with at least one of the points of the Agreement, the User must terminate the registration or delete his profile.

Copyright materials (content) posted on the site Users (text, video, audio, graphic) are objects of copyright in accordance with the legislation.

By posting copyrighted materials on the site, the User grants the Site Administration the right to use and dispose of (including, but not limited to, the right to publish, store, process, transmit, distribute) his works free of charge and indefinitely.


LSN performs the functions of a technological system-an information intermediary that provides the technical and organizational possibility of placing material in the information and telecommunications network to the users of the site.

Each user is personally responsible for the compliance of the materials posted by him with the requirements of the current legislation.

The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published by users, copyright compliance and comments.

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